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Legacy resource allocation with project resource view


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Legacy Resource Management (RM) is no longer available for new users. If you already use Legacy RM, your data will not change and you can continue to access your resource views.

Resource Management by Smartsheet is available to all new customers; learn more here.


A resource view provides a visual way to track and review how people in your Smartsheet plan (resources) are allocated across the projects they're working on. Use resource views to make decisions about resource workloads.

Learn more about Legacy Resource Management and allocation.

Before you begin

Before you can view resources in a resource view, team members must be assigned to items in legacy resource management-enabled project sheets. Learn how to manage resources

Your Smartsheet System Admin must also do the following:

  • Designate you to be a resource viewer on the account
  • Ensure that the people who you want to track are included on the account—they can be unlicensed users, but they must be included on the account. Learn more about user management,

Show resources in project resource view

  1. From a sheet with legacy resource management enabled, click Gantt View in the toolbar, and click the Project Resource View icon Project Resource View icon (under the Share button) on the right side of the window.
  2. From here, you can review the workloads of all resources assigned to tasks in that sheet.
  3. Click the name of the resource to review their allocation by project.


Click the allocation alert icon to display the project resource view.


View resources across multiple sheets

Resource viewers can review allocation across all sheets that have the feature enabled. To do this:

  1. Click the Menu icon (upper-left corner of the Smartsheet window) > Home.
  2. Right-click the Resource Views command, and click Create New View.
  3. Select the sheets or resources for which you want to see allocation and click OK.


    If a resource is allocated to tasks in sheets that aren't shared to you, the allocation across all of these sheets will be combined and listed under Other Sheets in the resource view.

The allocation alert icon will be displayed next to any task assigned to at least one overallocated resource. Scroll through the timeline to see the sheets where the resource is assigned to tasks, and consider reassigning some of their tasks to others.

Share or export resource view

To export and share the resource view,

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Browse and scroll to Resource Views
  2. Under Resource Views, click the view, and do either of the following:
    • To email the resource view as a Microsoft Excel (.xls) attachment, click the envelope icon .
    • To download a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file of the resource view, click the export icon . Click on the date range to change the time frame that is displayed in the view.

Create a custom resource view

Use a custom resource view to create a more relevant data set:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Browse and scroll to Resource Views
  2. Right-click the Resource Views command, and click Create New View.
  3. Choose the desired filter:
    • By User will show all projects where the specified resources are assigned to tasks.
    • By Project will show a list of resources assigned to tasks in the specified projects. The view will include the other projects where those resources are assigned so you can identify potential scheduling issues.
    • By Groups will show all projects with tasks assigned to members of the group.
  4. Click OK.
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