Tips and Troubleshooting

Tips and Troubleshooting

Unlock a time or expense report

Unlock an approved time report to edit it.

Track time off or leave

Set up an internal project to see your team’s vacation time taken versus how much time off they're allowed to take.

Track non-billable time

Tracking non-billable hours lets you record hours without those hours impacting the fee budget.

Remove suggested time entries

Suggested hours on timesheets show your team their budget of time for the week

Generate a log for troubleshooting

Open an incognito browser and log into Resource Management in that window before you generate your HAR file....

Create a report for incomplete timesheets

You can create reports for unconfirmed and confirmed time.   

Confirm or adjust time for other people

You can track time for all licensed users on your account.

Bulk approve billed hours

After your team bills their hours, use Bulk Approve in Account Settings to loc