Onboarding Webinars

Are you new to Smartsheet? Check out our onboarding webinar series to learn about core Smartsheet capabilities, premium applications, and other training and educational resources. 

The onboarding series includes:

  • SmartStart Onboarding: Learn how to get started as a new Smartsheet user.
  • SmartStart | Sheets: Best practices for customizing your sheet structure and working across the four sheet views.
  • SmartStart | Collaboration: Learn about the many ways to collaborate in Smartsheet by sharing, creating forms, and automating alerts, updates, and more.
  • SmartStart | Reporting: Best practices for working with data from multiple sheets and creating roll-up metrics.
  • SmartStart | Dashboards: Learn how to build and share dashboards that surface real-time data from sheets and add live, actionable content live videos, forms, and more.
  • SmartStart | Project Management: Learn how to simply and flexibly manage projects in Smartsheet, work with Gantt charts, and scale your work.
  • SmartStart: Resource Management by Smartsheet: Maximize your project success with Smartsheet's industry-leading Resource Management software. 

We run live webinars on a weekly basis with live Q&A. To attend a live webinar, register here