Coronavirus Preparedness

The Coronavirus Preparedness template set enables you to communicate guidance around COVID-19.

Use this template set to: 

  • Communicate to your selected audience
  • Keep your workforce up to date
  • Survey those who may pose a risk

To join an upcoming training on how to use the Coronavirus Preparedness template set register here

Please note, this template set download is in English only. 

COVID-19 Template Set Frequently Asked Questions

The Smartsheet COVID-19 template set enables you to assess, track, and communicate guidance around Coronavirus in a single place, keeping your offices informed and prepared. You can learn more about the template set at the COVID-19 Response Resource Center.

Visit the COVID-19 Response Resource Center Now

In this article, you’ll find answers to common questions about the template set, as well as a list of resources for using it effectively.

Who can use this capability

To customize the assets in the template set, you'll need to have Owner or Admin permissions to the items it contains. (The person who downloads the template set is automatically the owner of everything in the set.)

Business or Enterprise plans. You must have a Smartsheet license to download and set up the COVID-19 template set.

NOTE: If you are using a trial version of Smartsheet, you’ll be able to download and use the template set. The trial gives you access to all of the features of a paid Smartsheet Individual account, as well as additional features available to the Business account. For more information about the Smartsheet trial version, see Smartsheet Free Trial FAQs.

Where can I find the COVID-19 template set?

For access to the COVID-19 template set, see Coronavirus Preparedness or get it directly in the Smartsheet app from the Solution Center.

Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide to use the template set and customize it for your own organization.

I'd like more training about how to use the template set. Where can I find that?

In addition to the guidance in the resource center and the Getting Started guide, Smartsheet is offering the following:

  • Live, instructor-led training. See the Coronavirus Training Dashboard for registration information.
  • Interactive online training. This is available at any time in the Smartsheet Center of Excellence.

    If you have a Center of Excellence subscription, you’ll find the COVID-19 template set training here. If you don’t have a Center of Excellence subscription, you can get access to a free version of the training here.

    See Additional Resources below for more information about the specific Center of Excellence courses and offerings.

Instead of the map, I see this error: "Custom owned domains have been disabled by your System Administrator." How do I handle this?

You may see this error because your account is not configured to display the map. Please contact our support team so that we can make a minor adjustment to your account that allows the map to be displayed.

Is there a place I can go to learn about how others are using this resource?

Yes. You can ask questions, share ideas, and help others on the Smartsheet Community site. As our moderators identify posts related to COVID-19, they’ll be tagging them. To see the current collection of tagged posts, you can do that from this link.

Additional Resources

Interactive Training in the Smartsheet Center of Excellence

In the interactive training you’ll learn how to:

  • Add your company logo to your dashboard
  • Create an alert workflow when an employee submits a travel or illness report
  • Update your office locations and add new locations to your dashboard
  • Update the travel and illness tracker sheet and form
  • Share your dashboard

How you access the training in the Center of Excellence will depend on whether (1) you are a current Smartsheet customer with a Center of Excellence subscription (some plan types include this—your Smartsheet System Administrator should know if you have it), or (2) you don’t have access to Center of Excellence (if you are using a free trial of Smartsheet, it’s most likely that you don’t have access).

Current Smartsheet Customer with a Center of Excellence Subscription

If you have a current Center of Excellence subscription, you’re nearly there.

Get Started in Center of Excellence

No Center of Excellence Subscription/Free Trial Customer

Don’t have a Center of Excellence subscription? Not to worry: we’ve made a special version of the course series available to you.

Get Non-Subscriber Training Here