WORKDAY Function

Used in a Date column to return a date from a specified number of working days.
Sample usage
WORKDAY([Due Date]1, 30, [Due Date]2:[Due Date]3)
  • date
  • num_days
  • [
  • date
    The date to begin counting from
  • num_days
    The number of working days before (negative number) or after (positive number) the date
  • holidays
    The dates to exclude from the count
Usage notes
  • WORKDAY, NETWORKDAY, and NETWORKDAYS count Saturday and Sunday as non-working days. If dependencies are enabled on your sheet, you can customize the non-working days, so the formulas use your settings in calculations.
  • You can designate other dates as nonworking to exclude them when calculating the new date. To do this, enter each holiday/non-working day into a cell and then reference the range of cells in your WORKDAY formula.

This example references the following sheet information:

Row #Clothing ItemAssigned ToOrder DateHolidays


Based on the table above, here are some examples of using WORKDAY in a sheet:

=WORKDAY([Order Date]1, -5)Return the specific workday 5 days before the value in row 1 of the Order Date column.02/05/23
=WORKDAY([Order Date]1, -5) + " "If the WORKDAY formula is returning the desired result in a Text/Number column instead of a Date column, add + “ “ to the formula to prevent an error. Notice this formula is the same as the one above with the added value, so you can add it to a text column. 02/05/23
=WORKDAY([Order Date]3, 15, DATE(2019, 3, 1))Return the specific workday 15 days after the value in row 3 of the Order Date column. Exclude the date 03/01/23.03/14/23
=WORKDAY([Order Date]4, 30, Holidays:Holidays)

When excluding holiday dates, you can also reference a range of excluded dates or other single-cell values. 

Notice this formula is the same as the above. The difference being is that it’s excluding all the range of dates found in the Holiday column.


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