Used within another function to calculate the direct successors of a task and return succeeding task row number(s) that occur as a result of the referenced task.
Sample Usage
= JOIN(SUCCESSORS(Column@row),”,”)
  • value
  • value
    The value, typically a cell to evaluate.
Usage Notes
  • Predecessors create date-based dependencies between tasks. A specific date-driven event for one task must have occurred before the next task can begin. Successors are the tasks with a dependency directly after the date-driven event for a particular task has occurred. They’re the task(s) that can begin after a task is complete. 
  • You must enable dependencies to use this formula or you’ll see an #INVALID COLUMN VALUE error.

This formula, combined with the JOIN function, will calculate the direct successors of a task and return a collection of task row numbers that will occur due to the referenced task.

Set up automation rules to notify assignees their tasks are ready to begin.

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