MAX Function

Returns the highest number or latest date.
Sample Usage
  • value1
  • [
    • value2
    • ...
  • value1
    The number or range from which you want the highest value.
    • value2
    • ...
    Additional numbers or ranges.
Usage Notes
  • When referencing dates, you must use MAX in a Date column. See Column Types for more information on Date columns.

This example references the following sheet information:

  Clothing Item Transaction Total Units Sold In Stock? Ship Date
1 T-Shirt 1,170.00 78 true 02/15/19
2 Pants 1,491.00 42 false 03/20/19
3 Jacket 812.00 217 true 02/27/19

Given the table above, here are some examples of using MAX in a sheet:

Formula Description Result
=MAX([Units Sold]:[Units Sold]) Returns the highest number from the “Units Sold” column. 217
=MAX([Ship Date]:[Ship Date]) When placed in a Date column, returns the most recent date from the “Ship Date” column. 03/20/19
=MAX(COLLECT([Transaction Total]:[Transaction Total], [In Stock?]:[In Stock?], 1)) Collects any values from the "Transaction Total" column that have a corresponding "In Stock?" value of true, then returns the highest  "Transaction Total" number. 1,170.00