ISTEXT Function

Checks whether a value is text
Sample Usage
IF(ISTEXT([Task Name]1), "This is text", "This is not text")
  • value
  • value
    The value, typically within a cell, to check
Usage Notes
  • This function is typically used inside of another function (e.g., IF, COUNTIF, or SUMIF)

This example references the following sheet information:

  Clothing Item Item Number Transaction Total Units Sold
1 T-Shirt C001 $1,170.00 78
2 Pants C002 $1,491.00 42
3 Jacket C003 $812.00 217

Given the table above, here are some examples of using ISTEXT in a sheet:

Formula Description Result
=SUMIF([Clothing Item]:[Clothing Item], ISTEXT(@cell), [Units Sold]:[Units Sold]) Add the total of the values in the Units Sold column for rows where the value in the Clothing Item column is a text. All three rows meet the criteria. 337
=IF(ISTEXT([Clothing Item]2), [Clothing Item]2 + " is a text value", [Clothing Item]2 + " is not a text value") If the value in row 2 of the Clothing Item column is a text, return the value in that cell followed by is a text value. If the value isn't a text, return the value in that cell followed by is not a text value text string.
Pants is a text value
=COUNTIF([Clothing Item]3:[Units Sold]3, ISTEXT(@cell)) Count the number of cells in row 3 that are text values. 2

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