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FAQ: Dynamic View


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Is it possible to limit Dynamic View so that only specific users can create Views?

No, once you activate Dynamic View for your organization, any user can create a view.


Can I share a view with external vendors?

Yes, you can share a view with anyone who is a Smartsheet user by selecting/adding their email or domain. If the user doesn't have an account, they can sign up for a free trial during the login process.


Can I create multiple views?

Yes. You can create multiple views of the same sheet/report and different views across different sheets. You can share each of these views independently.


How fast are updates in Dynamic View reflected in the underlying sheet/report?

Changes made in Dynamic View immediately reflect in the sheet. 

If the view is based on a report, there may be a lag.

Can I set up multiple conditional logic rules?

Yes, any Dropdown or Symbol column from the source sheet/report can be the trigger condition (When {Column}... ). There’s no hard limit on the number of rules that you can create, but best practice is fewer than 30 rules per view.


What happens if I have conflicting rules?

Dynamic View always chooses the least privileged option. 

Why can I not share to certain domains?

You can’t share all ISP domains like, etc. You can still share to individual users.


Do users receive notifications when others share a view or items in their view have changed?

No. Dynamic View doesn't generate any notifications. You can use Alerts & Actions on the source sheet to notify users of changes. Include the URL for the dynamic view in the message body so they can simply click to go directly to the View.


What is the expected behavior for using the dropdown list for contact column?

For a (multi)Contact type column, if you check the Restrict to list values only checkbox, then only the values that are in that list will display. If you do not check, it will use the Organization users of the individual accessing the View.

If a View-Owner shares a View outside of their Organization, the shared-to user can’t see all the Organization users.


Why are some fields read-only even though I have them marked as editable/required?

Dynamic View automatically makes the fields below Read-Only. You can’t overrule this.

  2. Gantt End Dates and Predecessors
  3. Cells with formula, hyperlinks, or linkOutFromCell

Can I restrict what items users see beyond a Contact List column?

Yes, you can select a sheet filter on additional Contact List columns and set the Restrict view by sheet filter option.

Can you transfer ownership of a view?

Yes, in the Dynamic View System Admin Controls page, SysAdmin can initiate the transfer of a Dynamic View from one owner to another.

Individual view owners can also transfer a view that they own in the Dynamic View share settings. 


Who can create filters?

Every user within Dynamic View can create a filter. Admins will create and share filters that are visible to all users. Others will create private filters and use Shared filters. All users are able to clone existing filters (including shared filters) to create new ones.


What Column Types are supported?

Filters in Dynamic View support the following Column Types for filters: Text/Number, Dropdown, Symbols, and Contacts.


Why can some users see a Dynamic View embedded on a Dashboard and some get an error?

In order for users to see Dynamic View from within a dashboard, they have to be shared with both the dashboard and also the underlying Dynamic View.


Can you use include a Dynamic View in the web content widget of published Dashboard?

Yes. However, for security reasons, it will not work if you embed the dashboard in another site. In Firefox, the user receives a message with an option to open the link in another window.

Can I see DV embedded in a Dashboard on Mobile?

The native mobile app will not show the Dynamic View. You have to select the links to open the view in a browser.

Can you publish and embed a Dashboard with DV in a web content widget into another site like Sharepoint?

No. The only places that you can embed a Dynamic View is in a dashboard.


What can SysAdmin do in the Dynamic View System Admin Controls Page?

  • See a list of all active Dynamic Views on their plan, including the Name of the DV, the owner & owner email and view description of the DV in the Dynamic View Admin Center page.
  • Initiate a transfer of a Dynamic View from one owner to another
  • Delete a Dynamic View or bulk delete multiple DV’s
  • Search for DV’s across name, owner and description fields. 

    Learn more about the System Admin Controls page

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