Change the color of task bars

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Who can use this capability

The sheet owner and shared collaborators with Editor or Admin access to a sheet can manually change the color the task bar.

Task bars are the bars displayed horizontally in Gantt View and calendar view, and vertically on the left side of cards in card view. You can change the task bar colors according to your preferences. For example, if the row is tagged as Complete, you can set the task bar color to green.

To change the color of a task bar

Before you begin

These options aren't available in a report's Gantt View or calendar view. The color you see in the report reflects the color of the Gantt or calendar within the associated sheet.

  1. Right-click the task bar. (Depending on your view, the task bar can be an individual Gantt bar, a calendar event bar, or a vertical color bar on a card)
  2. To bring up the color palette, if you are in Gantt View or calendar view, select Color Settings.
    If you're in card view, the color palette will appear immediately after you right-click the task bar.
  3. Select your desired color. The task bar color will change instantly to your selection.
  4. Select Save.

Other tips in editing the task bars

  • You can select multiple calendar or Gantt bars by pressing Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard, then dragging them all to a new location. Doing so will change the dates in the column to reflect the new position on the calendar or Gantt chart.
  • To set a default color for your calendar and Gantt bars, apply Colors & Logo to your account. All new sheets created afterwards will inherit the selected color. 
  • You can use the Conditional Formatting button on the toolbar to set up rules that automatically apply colors to Gantt and calendar bars based on criteria.