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Smartsheet Advance Package
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Editor

Data Shuttle Integrations: ServiceNow


  • Smartsheet Advance Package
  • Business
  • Enterprise


  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Editor

To use Data Shuttle, you must have Data Shuttle Premium Application permissions enabled in User Management by your Smartsheet System Admin.

To contact your sales representative and learn more, visit the Data Shuttle Marketplace.


ServiceNow helps you set up systems that define, manage and automate IT service requests. It’s used across modern enterprises in human resources, facilities, and finance to optimize productivity, reduce costs, and increase resilience.

Use cases

Use caseDetails
Resource planningRegularly upload new ticket information into Smartsheet and use Resource Management to assign projects, balance workloads, and allocate tasks based on individual skill sets.
Performance and process improvement trackingUpload completed ServiceNow tickets to Smartsheet to report on efficiency, optimize processes, and analyze performance.
Audit and analysisUpload completed tickets to a DataTable on a weekly basis to create a historic log of closed work that can be used to analyze opportunities for improvement.

Export your data from ServiceNow

  1. Navigate to the desired record in ServiceNow; it could be an incident, problem, or change request.
  2. Select the Export button on the toolbar or menu.
  3. When prompted, select CSV or XLSX as your format and complete the export.

Import your data into Smartsheet

Once you've got your report, save it in your Google Drive (shared or personal), OneDrive, SharePoint, or Box (shared or personal). You can then head to DataShuttle and begin building your upload workflow.

Select your preferred storage drive in the Source Location dropdown. You'll need to authenticate to the system the first time you ask Data Shuttle to connect with it. Use the filters and mapping steps to select the exact data you want to upload, and schedule your workflow to run as often as you require your data to be updated.

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