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Check approval status in Content Automation

Checking for approval status is the process a user will undertake to check the status of their document after sending it for approval. 


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There are multiple statuses that any document will possess:

  1. Unapproved
    • When a document is not edited and requires approval, it will be labeled as Unapproved.
  2. Awaiting Review
    • Where a document has been submitted for approval, it will be labeled as Awaiting Review.
  3. Changes Requested
    • Where a document has requested further changes, it will be labeled as Changes Requested. The author will then be required to make these changes and send them back for review.
  4. Approved with Changes
    • Where a document has had changes made by the reviewer/approver and was then approved, it will be labeled as Approved with Changes. This means any changes have already been made at the reviewer's discretion, and you can now export your document.
  5. Approved
    • Where the default reviewer has approved a document, it will be labeled as Approved. 

How to Check Approval Status

  1. The first method is to check the project that you submitted for approval. On the thumbnail of each document, it will show the status of the document. Below we can see the three documents with a different status displayed.This image shows he thumbnails of three different documents with different approval status.
  2. The second method is to navigate to the Approvals section on the sidebar navigation. Here you can filter between Pending and Approved documents and between Projects and Users. You can also set the required date parameters to locate the document and check its status.This image shows the approvals screen.
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