Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Admins can access the labels page in bulk management.

Bulk management labels

The labels bulk management page allows you to build and edit your label’s structure.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Admins can access the labels page in bulk management.

Brandfolder’s labels are an enhanced organization and findability feature meant to provide the peace of mind that comes with an organization's existing folder structure. 

Brandfolder’s labels provide:

  • Enhanced findability level for assets
  • Improved organization for various use cases, like campaigns, regions, teams, and more
  • Bulk management and tagging capabilities
  • Version and revision control
  • Multi-faceted asset use
  • Consistent permissions created by Admins, consistent with Brandfolder’s user structure

Set up labels:

1. On the Brandfolder level, navigate to Settings > Bulk Management > Labels tab.

2. Select + Add top-level label

3. Input your label name and select Add.

4. Your new top-level label will appear with the option to Add sub-label.  

The structure is flexible and can be rearranged anytime by dragging and dropping any labels or selecting the pencil icon. The pencil icon allows you to edit the Name and Delete labels.  

Nesting labels is capped at a depth of 20. This means you can keep making nested sub-labels off the parent label 20 times.


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