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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Administrators of Brandfolder and Content Automation can find their templates in Brandfolder.

Content Automation templates in Brandfolder

Quickly find Content Automation templates in Brandfolder.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Administrators of Brandfolder and Content Automation can find their templates in Brandfolder.

This integration allows users to quickly find Content Automation templates within Brandfolder, seamlessly edit Content Automation templates, then export finalized assets for use. 

Configure the integration in Content Automation 

You must first connect your Content Automation account to Brandfolder. To enable the integration, the User must be a member of the Outfit account as an admin and a Brandfolder admin. 

1. In your Content Automation account, navigate to Account Settings > Integrations

2. Select Brandfolder. 

3. Input your API key

4. From the dropdown, choose the Brandfolder in which the templates will be housed. Then select, Update.

Navigate the integration in content automation

Once the two systems are connected, admins or owners in the Content Automation system must go through the following steps to prepare their content to be sent to Brandfolder:

  1. Set up your brand system
  2. Create templates
  3. Generate the necessary documents from the templates
  4. Create a project and add at least one document to the project

Once these steps are completed in the Content Automation system, you should navigate to the project level and complete the following actions. 

  1. Select one or more documents (as long as they can be multi-edited together) within the project and select … More and then Save to Brandfolder.
  2. A new screen will appear where you will confirm which Brandfolder and Section the documents will be sent to. The list of Brandfolders will depend on the Brandfolder organization connected in Content Automation Account Settings. 
  3. Select Save

Navigate the integration in Brandfolder

All Brandfolder roles (Owners, Admins, Collaborators, and Guests) can complete the following actions.

  1. Navigate to the Brandfolder and Section that you configured to receive the templates. 
  2. Hover over the asset and select Visit
  3. You will be redirected to a new tab with the embedded Content Automation editor. 
  4. The inputs that you can edit will appear on the left-hand side.
  5. Once you finish editing your template, select Download in the upper right-hand corner.
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