Troubleshoot document automation workflows

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

To use workflow to automatically generate documents, at least one member of your team must have a DocuSign license.

Why do I have duplicate attachments?

Workflow to trigger Docusign showing Ready for eSignature as a trigger

You'll want to avoid generating duplicate attachments, they might cost you money. Add criteria and conditions when you set up your automation trigger, For example, when generating PDFs, set a trigger criteria  of When Ready for eSignature is checked and a condition of Where signatory fields aren’t blank. This is especially important for workflows with eSignature requests, as each new request may have a licensing fee associated with it.

I created a new mapping, where is it? How can I see it?

When you create a new document mapping from the create workflow screen, the document generation screen appears as a new tab. To see your new mapping, go back in your browser and then select the refresh icon in the mapping selector dropdown.


The person who created the mapping is no longer shared to the sheet. Now the mapping won’t run.

Workflows containing the Generate document action only work as long as the person who created the mapping has access to the sheet and the mapping. If the user who created the mapping is unshared from the sheet, the workflow will no longer run and an automated notification will be sent to the sheet’s admin. If the admin does not have access, the mapping (and workflow) will stop working. To correct this issue, create a new mapping and update the automated workflow so that the Generate document action is using the new mapping, then save the workflow.

The mapping is no longer valid. Now what?

If a mapping becomes invalid any automated workflows using the mapping will no longer run. The sheet admin will receive notification that they need to correct the workflow.  

The most common scenario is when a column used in a mapping was deleted from the sheet.  Open the mapping and remove the deleted column or select another column in the mapping. Then, open the workflow manager, select the More menu next to any workflows which reference that mapping, and select Activate.

I need to generate more than 100 eSignature requests.

Only 100 eSignature requests can be generated by one workflow trigger. If a workflow is triggered which would cause more than 100 eSignature requests to be generated, the entire workflow action will fail for all rows. Run your workflow in batches of no more than 100 at a time. You can add a checkbox and select no more than 100 records, then run the workflow again. Select the More menu next to any workflows which reference that mapping, and select Activate.