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Smartsheet Advance Package

Control Center: Automated project provisioning


  • Smartsheet Advance Package

In Smartsheet Control Center, you can manually create projects as needed, or you can provision them automatically when they’re approved. 

Automatic provisioning can save time when you need to create a lot of projects from the same blueprint. 

Learn more about creating projects in Control Center

To enable auto-provisioning on a Blueprint: 

  1. In Smartsheet Control Center, select Automations and then, at the top right select New Automation.
  2. Select the Blueprint for which you want to enable automated provisioning and then, at the bottom right, select Create
  3. The Blueprint is now set up for auto-provisioning. Automation is on by default; use the toggle to turn it off. 

To auto-provision your projects

  • In Smartsheet, open the intake sheet containing the projects you want to auto-provision and mark them as approved. 

Tips and tricks

  • You can only use automated provisioning on Blueprints with Intake Sheets
  • You can’t edit a Blueprint if automation is enabled. Toggle automation off, edit the Blueprint, then toggle it back on again when you’re done. 
  • Select the More icon More icon in column header to the left of the project name and then select Show logs to see the status of your projects. 
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