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FAQ - Commenter permission level for sheets and workspaces


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This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Commenter permission level in Smartsheet. 

Commenter permissions FAQs

I gave Commenter access to a free user, but they can’t leave comments. What am I doing wrong?

If you’re on a Pro Plan and you share files with free users, they’ll only have view access to your files. To apply any changes, including writing comments, the shared user needs to have a license on your Pro Plan. To learn more about what to expect from a Pro Plan, read Sharing and widgets in the Pro plan.

What are the current sharing permission levels?

When you share a sheet or workspace with someone, you can give them one of the following permission levels:

  • Admin
  • Editor - can share
  • Editor - can’t share
  • Commenter
  • Viewer

How does the Commenter permission level differ from other permission levels?

Commenters have the same permissions as viewers. The only difference between the two is that commenters can leave comments and attachments, while viewers can't.


Can I give someone Commenter permissions at the workspace level?

Yes. When you assign the Commenter permission level at the workspace level, the person you share the workspace with will be able to:

  • add and delete their own comments and attachments in every sheet in that workspace; and
  • add and delete their own comments and attachments in the workspace itself.


How can I ensure that my collaborators will be able to add comments in a report?

Check if they have the right permissions to the report's source sheet(s). 

Their permissions in the source sheet(s) will affect their ability to add comments and attachments to a report. If you share a report with someone who has Commenter permissions on one of the report's source sheets, they'll be able to add and delete their own comments and attachments on the rows sourced from that sheet.


Is the Commenter permission level supported in dashboards?

No. Conversations aren’t currently available in dashboards.

Is the Commenter permission level supported in the mobile app?

Yes. The Commenter permission level is fully supported in our mobile app.

Will we see the same changes in WorkApps permission levels?

No. The page permission levels in WorkApps will not be affected by the new permission level for sheets and workspace.


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