Update task assignments in the 10,000ft panel

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Who can use this capability

To update task assignments in the panel, you must be a licensed user for both Smartsheet and 10,000ft. You must also be a sheet owner, admin, or editor in Smartsheet and a project manager or admin in 10,000ft.

You can change a person's assignments or, if they have no assignments, remove them from the panel. 

Change assignments

  1. Open the panel. 
  2. Adjust the assigned user in the Assigned To column.
  3. Review your changes in the panel and click Update 10,000ft or Update All to complete commit changes to your 10,000ft project.

When you confirm changes in the panel, changes will not be saved to the sheet. To ensure that you have parity between Smartsheet and 10,000ft assignments, make sure you save the sheet after confirming assignments in the panel.

To avoid unintentional changes to the project schedule, when resource assignments are modified in 10,000ft (task description, assignee, dates, or allocation), these changes will be shown in the panel but will not automatically add or edit any rows in the sheet.

Remove unassigned resources

Removing unassigned people also removes duplicate tasks from 10,000ft generated during bulk task reassignments and helps keep your project plan clean and up to date.

  • To remove a resource click Remove to the right of their name.