Clear the contents of a cell with the clear cell value action

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add the Change cell action. A license is required to create and edit workflows.

Use the Clear cell value action to delete the contents of the chosen field when a workflow is triggered. 

Get started with clear cell value action

To create a new Clear cell value workflow, click on the Automation menu, then Create a Workflow. Inside the workflow editor, scroll down to the action selector and choose the Clear cell value action.

Clear cell value

Set up the clear cell value action

On the Clear cell value action block, choose a field. 

If a Clear cell value workflow’s target field is deleted, the workflow will be disabled, and sheet admins will receive an email notification.


  • In cell history and activity log, the change will be attributed to Smartsheet Automation. 
  • Clear cell value is a terminal action. You will not be able to add conditions or actions after Clear cell value in your workflow.
  • You cannot clear formulas or Auto-Number/System generated columns.
  • To prevent infinite approval loops, cells containing cross-sheet formulas or cell links will not trigger automation which automatically changes the sheet (Move Row, Copy Row, Lock Row, Unlock Row, Approval Request, Record a Date, Assign People, Change Cell, Clear Cell). To work around this, consider using time-based automation or recurrence workflows. 
  • Update cell actions need time to update the sheet, especially if there are multiple workflows.