Update Login Email

Applies to

Resource Management

Use the following steps to update the login email address of a person or multiple people. Through this process, the recipient will be re-invited to the platform. You’ll want to inform the impacted user(s) before proceeding with these steps. Note that user or assignment data will not be lost during this process.

Don't do this for your own email address; you run the risk of locking yourself out in the process. To update your personal login email address, please contact support for assistance.

  1. Go to Account Settings > People
  2. Select Add/Update People
  3. Select Export people list to download your user list
  4. Update the users’ emails
  5. Change the license type to managed_resource
  6. Select updated CSV file.
  7. Select Upload
  8. Go to Account Settings > People
  9. Select Add/Update People
  10. Select Export people list
  11. Confirm users’ emails updated
  12. Change the license type to licensed
  13. Select updated CSV file.
  14. Check box to send an invitation to Licensed Users
  15. Select Upload

People will receive an invitation sent to their updated email address. They will now be able to log in with their updated email address.