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Date/Time Utility Function Overview


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

The Date/Time extension contains a collection of modules allowing you to parse, validate, manipulate, and format human readable or machine readable dates and/or times in Bridge.

There are five high-level operations that can be achieved using this extension: Getting, Setting, Checking, Comparing, and Formatting dates and/or times. Dates and Times are represented by a structured Date/Time Object and Durations (differences between two dates) are represented using Duration Object – both can be passed from one module to another.

E.g. Say we want to get the start of the current business quarter in the standard 'ISO-8601' format, we can get the current time using the Current Date/Time Module, pass the output to the Round Date/Time Module to set the date to the start of the quarter, and then use the Format Date/Time Module to output the Date/Time object into a formatted string – in this case 'ISO-8601'.


Get Date/Time

  • Parse Date/Time Module
  • Current Date/Time Module

Set Date/Time

  • Manipulate Date/Time Module
  • Round Date/Time Module

Check Date/Time

  • Check Date/Time Module

Compare Date/Time

  • Compare Date/Time Module

Format Date/Time

  • Format Date/Time Module
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