Manage Project Resources with the 10,000ft Panel for Smartsheet

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Who can use this capability?

People with a license for Smartsheet and 10,000ft accounts can connect a sheet to a 10,000ft project with the 10,000ft panel. Anyone with Editor or greater permissions can view and edit assignments if they also have Program Manager or Admin permissions in 10,000ft.

For more information on Smartsheet and 10,000ft user account types, see Manage My Subscription (10,000ft) and User Types and Permissions (Smartsheet)

Customers with active Business, Enterprise, or Premier Smartsheet plans and Business or greater 10,000ft plans are eligible to use the 10,000ft integration.

NOTE: Smartsheet Team plans are not eligible. To inquire about a new purchase or an upgrade to an existing plan, please reach out to our Sales team.

Requirements and Permissions Explained

Here's a resource that you can use to better understand the permissions and user types required to carry out various actions when using the 10,000ft panel.


Smartsheet requirement

10,000ft requirement

Set up the account level connection

Smartsheet System Admin

10,000ft Licensed User

10,000ft Admin

Connect a the sheet to a the project

Smartsheet Licensed User
Sheet Owner or Admin

10,000ft Licensed User

10,000ft Project Manager or Admin

View the panel and make resource updates

Smartsheet Licensed User
Sheet Owner, Admin, or Editor

10,000ft Licensed User

10,000ft Project Manager or Admin

Be resourced on a project

Smartsheet Licensed User or Unlicensed User (with email matching 10,000ft)
Note: Free collaborators are not supported

10,000ft Licensed User or Managed Resource (with email matching Smartsheet)

Work with 10,000ft projects from Smartsheet

When you work in the 10,000ft panel, you can see how changes will impact your overall project in real-time. From a sheet connected to 10,000ft, you can see:

  • People or placeholders assigned to tasks in your 10,000ft project 
  • Overall allocation % for assigned users
  • Overall availability for team members assigned to your project 
  • Dates for overall project and individual assignments 

Before you start working with the 10,000ft panel, consider building out your project plan in Smartsheet first so you can quickly execute your project plan in 10,000ft when you’re ready.

Before you’ll be able to use the panel, you’ll first need to connect your project sheet to a 10,000ft project. For more information see Set up the 10,000ft Panel for Smartsheet.

10,000ft Panel at a Glance

The 10,000ft panel conveys information on your resources and assignments through a variety of visual elements. Use the images below as a reference for what each visual element signifies while you become familiar with the panel.

10,000ft Integration Panel - Reference

10,000ft Integration - Panel Interface

Assign Users to 10,000ft Projects

To create a new assignment from Smartsheet with the 10,000ft panel, open the panel and ensure the following information is present in each row corresponding to a task you would like to assign:

  • Start and End dates
  • Allocation %
  • Valid managed user or 10,000ft placeholder in the Assigned To column. 

Once all needed information is added into your sheet, you’ll see the new unconfirmed assignments appear in the panel. Select Add to 10,000ft on a single assignment to confirm changes for a single user, or select Add All or Update All to confirm all your assignments.

When you assign a row, the primary field of the row (the task name) will sync to the 10,000ft schedule, along with assignees, allocation, and dates in a compact visualization showing the total allocation workload for each person. 

After you’ve confirmed your assignments, select the project name in the panel to be taken directly to your project brief in 10,000ft.

When viewing user allocation in the panel, allocation is summed across multiple tasks. You will not see an entry for each row individually.

Updating Existing Task Assignments

If you need to change a user's task assignment, use the following steps:

  • Open the panel 
  • Adjust the assigned user in the Assigned To column
  • Review your changes in the panel and click Update 10,000ft or Update All to complete commit changes to your 10,000ft project

When you confirm changes in the panel, changes will not be saved to the sheet. To ensure that you have parity between Smartsheet and 10,000ft assignments, make sure you save the sheet after confirming assignments in the panel.

In order to avoid unintentional changes to the project schedule, when resource assignments are modified in 10,000ft (task description, assignee, dates, or allocation), these changes will be shown in the panel but will not automatically add or edit any rows in the sheet.

Remove a user from the panel

When a user has been added to your 10,000ft project but has not been assigned to any tasks in your sheet, you’ll see the option to Remove that user in the 10,000ft panel.

Remove Panel

Use this option to remove the user from the 10,000ft project. This will also help you to remove duplicated tasks from 10,000ft that were generated during bulk task reassignments.

For tips and FAQ information related to the 10,000ft panel with Smartsheet, see FAQ and Tips: 10,000ft Panel for Smartsheet.