Create a Probability of Winning Report

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

To indicate the probability of winning:

  1. Enable Custom Fields

  2. Create a Custom Field in Account Settings > Project Custom Fields. We call ours “Probability of Winning,” select Field Type as Drop Down Menu, add field options (20% 40% etc…), and select the “Use as project filter option” box.

  3. Navigate to a tentative project. In the Edit Project settings you’ll find your Custom Fields to mark the probability of winning.

You can now filter by probability of winning Custom Fields on your Project Portfolio Page.

Probability of winning


Another quick way you can do this is by running a report. To create a Probability of Winning Report:

Navigate to Analytics > New Report. On the left hand side, filter to match the fields below.

  • VIew: Time & Fees > Amounts

  • Time Frame: Whatever makes sense for you, consider This Quarter as a starting point

  • First group by: Project

  • Project Type: Tentative

  • Probability of winning: select percentages

This view provides an overview of total probability winning for various percentages.

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