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Resource Management

Use project brief to build and manage projects

Every project has an individual project page where you build new projects and monitor them regularly as you progress.


  • Resource Management

All users can see the project brief for projects they are a part of. 

From the project page, you can:

  • Set a project budget in time, fee, or expenses (non-labor costs). This is your estimated goal to meet your targeted profitability or deadline.
  • Add people to the project and create a work plan that fits the estimated budget.
  • Create work items and assign project responsibilities and due dates to your team.
  • View real-time progress of the project and monitor your budget.
  • Use quick links to project reports to analyze the data behind the work progress

Project brief

The project brief is the landing page to the project. The project brief displays an updated synopsis of the project. It shows the project description, people currently working on the project, a visualization of the project timeline, and progress of current work. All project properties are also visible on this page. The project brief updates automatically to reflect the progress of the project.

The project brief includes:

  • Client name
  • Project name
  • Project start and end dates
  • Project owner
  • Project description (up to 2,048 characters, including line breaks)
  • Clickable links in the description

Project status and reports

Status for the project's work, time, and fees appear on the left side of the project page brief. The show dropdown filters what data is displayed in this menu pane.

You can see information about:

  • The entire project (default)
  • Non-phase specific
  • Specific phase

Quick links to the time + fees and budget reports are at the bottom of the left pane.

You can use project brief in weekly team meetings as an agenda, and a way to record and clearly communicate each person's responsibilities.


The schedule displays project phases and people scheduled to work on the project. Click anywhere on this schedule to access the project schedule tab. Right click (or ctrl + click) to save the schedule image for sharing with your team or other key stakeholders.


Worklist shows. This section shows the current project status, phases, team members, the team members percent allocation, work items, the project assignment dates, and status of each assignment.

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