Manage My Project Portfolio

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

To curate your Project Portfolio to only view projects you’re interested, create saved views so you can easily see a pre-filtered project portfolio every time.

To create a saved view:

  1. Click on Projects on the black navigation bar

  2. Apply filters beneath “Show” on the left-hand side. In this example I’ve filtered for Project Custom Fields: Billability, Priority, and Project Owner.

  3. Once you’ve finished applying filters to curate the view you need, under the header “My Views” on the upper left-hand side, click the “+ Save Current View” button and title your view (ex. “My Portfolio Status”).

  4. Any saved views you create under “My Views” are only viewable to yourself. Saved views created under “Shared Views” are viewable by anyone with access to the Project Portfolio page.

Project Portfolio

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