Lock Time Entries

Applies to

Resource Management

You can set your projects to lock incurred hours automatically.

You can: 

  • Lock all time entries for a project

  • Automatically lock time entries after a set number of days. This option allows you a window in which to review and approve time entries before locking the hours. It also  ensures that resources cannot go back in time and edit hours for a project.

To set hours to lock automatically:

  1. On the Project page, click Project Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Time Entry Locking and select the option you want to use. 

Time entry locking

Tip: Communicate with your team when you plan to lock hours for projects, so they can confirm their time beforehand.

Locked Hours on Timesheets

Once a timesheet is locked, only an Administrator or Project Manager  can unlock it. For information on unlocking timesheets to make updates, see Unlock a TImesheet.