Use Placeholders in projects

Use Placeholdersto schedule a project when you don’t yet know who will be performing the work. Like people, Placeholders can have a role, discipline, and a custom bill rate, so you can see how their assignments impact your project budgets. Placeholders also allow you to use an image based on an abbreviation and colors so you can quickly differentiate these team members from your other staff.

Placeholders help you with some of the most important tasks in your organization:

  • Budgeting a project:  Placeholders allow you to create assignments for specific roles and disciplines, without impacting anyone's actual schedule or utilization. The placeholder can be set up with any bill rate you’d like, giving you accurate quotes for new business.

  • Resource Manager workflow:  Account managers can use Placeholders to request a team member from a resource manager. An assignment for a placeholder lets the  Resource Manager know someone needs to be assigned to that project.

  • Projecting staffing needs: Use Placeholders to schedule future projects. Once they’re scheduled, utilization reports will show you what disciplines can handle the workload and where you may need to hire help.

  • New hire or position: Want to see the impact a new hire will make to your workload? Placeholders are a great way see the difference. When you hire, you can reassign those assignments to the new person on your team.

Creating Placeholders

  • Go to Placeholders in the Settings > Account Settings menu.

Adding Placeholders on the Project Page

Add Placeholder assignments from either the Project Schedule or the Project Worklist.

On the Schedule: 

  1. Click on a phase or any white space on the Schedule.
  2. Select Add Team Member to apply filters or to search for the name of the appropriate Placeholder.

On the Worklist: 

  1. Hover or click on the name of the project or phase and then select Add Team Member.
  2. Search for the name of the appropriate Placeholder.

Adding and Filtering Placeholders on the Schedule

You can add Placeholder assignments to the schedule just like an assignment for any person.

  • To create a new assignment, click on any white space on the Schedule and select New Assignment.

Placeholders appear at the bottom of the schedule. Use filters to find the Placeholders and People you’re looking for. Placeholder assignments appear semi-opaque, indicating that those assignments belong to a Placeholder.

Use the Assignment Status filter to view assignments for staff or for Placeholders. Confirmed assignments are staffed to People in the account, while Placeholder assignments are specifically for Placeholder team members.

Finding Placeholders in Reports

  • Change your filter criteria to find the Placeholders and People you’re looking for.
  • Group your reports by Assignment Status to separate Placeholder assignments from Confirmed assignments.