Edit Project Bill Rates

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Bill rates are the hourly rates charged for work performed. When you are tracking the fees for a project, incurred hours * the bill rate = incurred fees for a project. When creating a new project, the organization’s default bill rate matrix will be copied over to the project from Account Settings. This default matrix is stored in the Project Settings.

If you have custom rates for the project or client, you can edit the bill rates matrix in Project Settings to apply only to that project.

Company Bill Rate Matrix from Account Settings:

Bill rates 1

When you add resources to your project, the project will look to the settings for each team member to determine how much to bill that person’s time. Resources can have either a custom bill rate or bill rate tied to their Role and Discipline. You can view and / or edit the bill rates for each team member next to their name in Project Settings.

Project-Specific Bill Rates Defined in Project Settings:

Bill rates 2Bill rates 3

If you want to use bill rates, make sure that you have established a default bill rate matrix in Account Settings prior to adding new projects. Once you have created projects, changes to the default matrix will NOT impact Project Settings.


Varied Rates

If resources have more than one rate for a project, you can set this up by creating custom rates for each phase of the project. When the team member tracks hours to that specific phase, 10,000ft will align the right bill rate to those hours and show in the Project Status.

For example, one person might complete activities as a Creative Director for $150/h and activities as a Designer for $100/h on the same project. You can create two phases for the project called “Creative Direction” and “Design” each with different bill rates for your team. Assign this person to both of these phases with the planned allocation. When resources enter their time, or when making assignments on the schedule, these phase specific rates are taken into account.