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Event Reporting: Monitor How Data Is Used Across Your Organization


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Access detailed logs of the past six months of actions that have taken place across your organization with Event Reporting. A few examples of how you can benefit from this:

  • Enforce your organization’s data usage policies and minimize data loss by retrieving an audit of events (creating and deleting items, downloading items, and more) over the past six months.
  • Make data-informed decisions with more insight on the level of collaboration on your organization’s most critical processes, programs, and projects by charting the flow of information across stakeholders.

If you've enabled the McAfee MVision integration for Smartsheet Event Reporting and are experiencing issues, please contact McAfee support at

If you've enabled Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) integration for Smartsheet Event Reporting and are experiencing issues, learn how to contact MCAS support here.

Here are some of the events that you can obtain logs of with Event Reporting:

  • Creating Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, dashboards, workspaces)
  • Deleting Smartsheet items
  • Editing Groups
  • Mobile app installations
  • Smartsheet user editing or removal from your organization
  • Smartsheet item downloads
  • Attachment usage
  • Calls to the Smartsheet API

You'll use the Smartsheet API (specifically the Event Reporting API) for Event Reporting. For information on setting up Event Reporting with the API, a complete list of the events that you can report on, and how to call them, please see the Event Reporting Documentation.


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