Smartsheet Control Center: Understand the Primary Lead Role

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package

Each Control Center Program can have only one primary lead. The primary lead owns the following assets which are key to the function of Control Center—these assets can have only one owner:

  • Intake sheet (there may be one for each blueprint)
  • Blueprint source folders (usually within a workspace)
  • Summary sheets (there may be one for each blueprint)

IMPORTANT: If you change the primary lead so that someone else becomes the primary lead, that person will need to be given ownership of the above assets.

When a program lead creates the blueprint for a project, that person will have the option to choose whether the Smartsheet objects (sheets, workspaces, dashboards, reports) with new projects created from that blueprint will be owned by the primary lead or the project creator.

To see who the primary lead is for any given program, click the program information icon for that program.
Control Center Info Icon

Changing the Primary Lead for a Program

If the Primary Lead leaves your organization or changes roles, you may need to change the Primary Lead for your Control Center programs. Use the steps below to transfer the Primary Lead role to another Smartsheet user account.

You can avoid changing the Primary Lead if you use a dedicated service that is not owned by a specific individual. For example, create a Smartsheet account named “”. This way, Primary Lead duties can be handed off to another user without updating the Primary Lead account in Control Center.

Prerequisites for Changing the Primary Lead

Before you can transfer the Primary Lead role, make sure the new lead meets the following requirements. Any changes to the new lead's status should be done in the order provided here. If you try to change the Primary Lead before completing these steps, or you complete these steps out of order, you may see errors. 

  1. Make sure your new lead is a licensed Smartsheet user. 
  2. Increase the new lead's cell limit to 100,000. This increase is provided via Smartsheet Support; request this change before you proceed to the next step. 
  3. Add the new lead as an Additional Lead (see Give Someone Access to a Control Center Program).
  4. Have your new lead log in to Control Center
  5. Transfer ownership of the configuration sheet, intake sheets, summary sheet, workspaces contatining blueprint source folders, and any Smartsheet groups used to grant access to workspaces or in the allow list (if applicable).

NOTE: If the above steps have not yet been completed, you will see errors when attempting to complete the transfer. If you need assistance with increasing the cell link limit for the new primary lead, reach out to or your Account representative.

Change the Primary Lead

Once the new lead meets the above criteria, the current lead can complete the role transfer using the below steps:

  1. In Control Center, select the program you want to transfer to a new Primary Lead.
  2. Select Manage Program, then the i icon next to the program name, then Edit.
  3. Select Click to transfer and select the Additional Lead user you want to make the Primary Lead.
  4. Click Transfer in the new window once validation checks have been completed successfully. Control Center will check for the correct sharing permissions on Smartsheet items needed for the program. If any messages are returned, make a note of them and address the permissions issues before attempting the transfer again. For assistance with addressing any of these messages, reach out to Smartsheet Support.
  5. You’ll see a message indicating the transfer has been completed successfully if there are no issues found during the transfer process.