Smartsheet Control Center: Understand the Primary Lead Role

Each Control Center Program can have only one primary lead. The primary lead owns the following assets which are key to the function of Control Center—these assets can have only one owner:

  • Intake sheet (there may be one for each blueprint)
  • Blueprint source folders (usually within a workspace)
  • Summary sheets (there may be one for each blueprint)

IMPORTANT: If you change the primary lead so that someone else becomes the primary lead, that person will need to be given ownership of the above assets.

When a program lead creates the blueprint for a project, that person will have the option to choose whether the Smartsheet objects (sheets, workspaces, dashboards, reports) with new projects created from that blueprint will be owned by the primary lead or the project creator.

To see who the primary lead is for any given program, click the program information icon for that program.
Control Center Info Icon