Change the Email Addresses Used with Your Smartsheet Account

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Who can use this capability

Any licensed user can add additional email addresses to their account.

Each Smartsheet account is associated with one primary email address used to:

  • Verify your identity when you log in
  • Send you notifications and reminders
  • Track your activity in resource management

You can associate additional email addresses with an account. When you do this, sheets shared to you at those additional addresses will be available from your account. 

To see a  list of all of the email addresses associated with your account: 

  • Click Account > Personal Settings > Profile, and then click the Manage Email Addresses link.

Once an email address is used with a Smartsheet account, that email address cannot be used as the primary or associated email address with any other Smartsheet account.

Associate an additional email address with your account

  1. Click Account > Personal Settings > Profile.
  2. Click Manage Email Addresses .
  3. From Manage Email Addresses, type the email address you want to associate with the account and then click Add email address.

You’ll see a “Please check your email inbox…” message, and a confirmation request will go to the email address you’ve added.

To finalize adding the additional email address:

  1. Open email for the newly added account.
  2. Locate the “Smartsheet Account Change Request” email message, and click the Confirm Email activation link .

If you attempt to add an email address that’s already in use in another Smartsheet account—including a canceled or closed account—you’ll receive an error message.

Learn more about  how to free up the email address.

Designate a different email address as the primary

  1. Click Account > Personal Settings > Profile.
  2. Click Manage Email Addresses.
  3. Next to the address that you want to become the primary, click Make primary.

    Manage Email Addresses

If you're using Google authentication with your new email address, you'll need to reset your password before you can log in to your account.