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Troubleshooting DataTable

This guide helps you if you have issues navigating DataTable. 


  • Smartsheet Advance Package


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You must have DataTable Premium Application permissions enabled in User Management by your Smartsheet System Admin.

Special characters alongside numbers in a source dataset (currency symbols, commas, percent signs, etc.) do not interpret as numeric values when you import into DataTable number fields.


Smartsheet will write any values in the underlying data set that contain alpha or special characters as text strings in DataTable Number fields. Smartsheet brings it into the sheet via connections as strings. The one exception to this rule is scientific numbers which interpret as valid numbers. If the number exceeds the bounds limited to, Smartsheet writes to a sheet as a string.

Troubleshooting Steps/Resolution

Make sure that the underlying dataset stores numeric values as numbers with a single decimal point only since Smartsheet parses user input with the default (US-centric) number format.

If you want your data to land on sheets as numbers:

  • When loading percentages from an underlying dataset, format percentages as a decimal without a % symbol (i.e. 0.5 instead of 50%).
  • When loading dollar values from an underlying data set, format monetary values as a decimal without commas or currency symbols (I.e. 15000.00 instead of $15,000.00 or 15,000.00)

If you want to load data into DataTable to land on sheets as numbers, you must: 

  1. Set the DataTable field type to Number.
  2. Send data into the DataTable with the following restrictions:
    • Remove commas for numeric values (e.g. 1000 instead of 1,000)
    • Convert percents to decimal format (e.g. .99 instead of 99%)
    • Remove currency symbols (e.g. 123.45 instead of $123.45).
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