Formulas and Functions

Formulas and Functions

Build powerful solutions with formulas.

Automatically update the TODAY function in formulas

The TODAY function in Smartsheet returns the current date within formulas.

Formula combinations for cross sheet references

This article includes some frequently used functions and additional resources to help you make the most out of formulas. 

View, modify, or delete cross sheet references in formulas

You can edit a reference directly in your formula without opening the Sheet Reference Manager. Select the cell that contains your formula....

Create cross sheet references

Work with data from other sheets with cross sheet references.

Create and edit formulas in Smartsheet

Use formulas to calculate numeric values or automate aspects of your sheet. 

Create a cell or column reference in a formula

When you create formulas, it's possible to include values from other cells or columns on the sheet.

FAQs: Using formulas

Users on an Enterprise plan can use AI to generate formulas. Learn more....

Create efficient formulas with @cell and @row

Optimize your formulas to improve the overall performance of your sheet and prevent having to manually reference cells in formulas.

Combine (concatenate) text or values from two or more cells with a simple formula

You can combine multiple cells to join values together in a text chain or series.

Formulas: Reference data from other sheets

You can perform formula calculations across sheets, using those results to give you a higher level picture of what’s happening with your

Formula error messages

A formula will return an error when Smartsheet expects different elements from the formula than what are provided. 

Use formulas to perform calculations with dates

You can place a formula in one cell (formatted with a Date column type) that adds or subtracts numbers from dates in other cells.

Reference children, parents, and ancestors with hierarchy functions

Hierarchy functions allow you to include cells in other functions based on their indent level in a sheet.