Tips and Troubleshooting

Tips and Troubleshooting

Best practices, tips, and suggestions for optimizing.

Find relevant answers with the get help AI tool

With get help, you access an integrated in-app tool that can answer your questions and help you build solutions....

Issue: My sheet is slow to load

This behavior most commonly occurs in the following situations: The sheet is approaching Smartsheet size limits....

Smartsheet access blocked and message about Prohibited locations

When you attempt to access Smartsheet from certain locations, you may receive the following message: You are attempting to access Smartsheet from a pr...


Troubleshooting: Unable to access the Smartsheet support portal

Learn how to connect with support for Smartsheet, Brandfolder by Smartsheet, Smartsheet Gov, and billing.

Troubleshoot missing data

It’s always a good idea to put a backup process in place. If you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can schedule recurring weekly backups....

Issue: Smartsheet is continuously loading, not responding, or not displaying certain items

If you find Smartsheet is not loading, not responding, or failing to display certain items, the cause may be related to your browser, browser version,...

Unable to log in: "Your browser is not supported..."

You can use a different browser or update to a supported version. 

Issue: Email not received from Smartsheet

Depending on the configuration and anti-spam practices of your email provider, email messages and notifications sent from Smartsheet may be improperly...

Common login issues and how to solve them

Having trouble logging into Smartsheet? In many cases, you can fix this on your own....

404 Not Found error when you attempt to log in to Smartsheet

Technical troubleshooting steps for Domain Name System (DNS) errors

Issue: Didn't receive email confirming trial

This article lists a few reasons the trial e-mail confirmation message doesn’t always make it through and offers some things you can do to get your tr...


Dashboard widgets and sharing in the Pro plan

Individual plans are no longer available for purchase....

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcut keys in Smartsheet.

Tips for using copy and paste

There are different ways to copy and paste information in Smartsheet or between Smartsheet and other programs....

Tips to avoid phishing scams

Review this list of tips to help you spot and report fraudulent activity—commonly known as phishing or spoofing.

Tips for Mac users

Learn some tips for using Smartsheet on your Mac.

Best practices for browser zoom

A zoom level below 90% is not currently supported in any browser....

Spell Check

Smartsheet doesn't currently offer a native spell check feature....

Use search to find Smartsheet items

You can search Smartsheet items, such as: Sheet namesReport namesDashboard namesForm namesRowsAttachment namesSheet summariesConversationsFoldersWorks...

What to know about Smartsheet and spam

Report suspected bad actors and learn ways to help protect yourself against spam.

Resources and FAQs

Track product updates or make an enhancement request

We communicate about new or improved features of our products once they’re live....

Overview of Smartsheet support resources

Some support options are available to all Smartsheet users and others are part of specific plan types and offerings....

Pro Desk

Get practical one-on-one coaching sessions with a Smartsheet expert. (English only)