Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

  • Viewer
  • Admin

Run the DataMesh config

You can set a frequency for a DataMesh config or run it right away. 


  • Smartsheet Advance Package


  • Viewer
  • Admin

To use DataMesh, you must have DataMesh Premium Application permissions enabled in User Management by a Smartsheet System Admin. You also need Viewer permissions or higher on any source sheet and Admin permissions or higher on any target sheet to create a DataMesh.

After you create a DataMesh config, it’s ready to run.

  • If you’ve set an execution frequency, the DataMesh runs at the next scheduled run time.

  • If you’d like the config to run right away, select the name of the config from the main page.

Brandfolder Image
DataMesh Configs list with name of config circled.

Step 1: Details

Confirm that the options are correct, then select the Run button.

Step 2: Preview

Preview what populates on the Target sheet. You can also see details about the following:

  • Total Rows Affected
  • Total Rows Unaffected
  • Total Duplicates in Source
  • Total Rows Not Matched

If everything is in order, select the Submit button.

Step 3: Confirm

Here you see the resulting summary for each target sheet.

Select Close. You see the new meshed data in your target sheet. You may need to refresh the sheet to see the changes.


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