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  • Brandfolder


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Sitecore administrators can utilize the integration.

Sitecore integration

Sync your Brandfolder assets, custom fields, and metadata to your Sitecore application.


  • Brandfolder


Sitecore administrators can utilize the integration.

Brandfolder's Advanced Sitecore integration allows Sitecore CMS admins to sync Brandfolder assets, custom fields, and other metadata into Sitecore's CMS application. You can sync your entire Brandfolder or a filtered amount of assets based on sections, labels, tags, or collections. The sync is run on demand and adds your up-to-date Brandfolder assets as available media in the Sitecore Media Library folder tree. Asset details will also be synched, viewable, and usable, including CDN URLs, thumbnail previews, file properties, labels, tags, and embedded metadata. 

You can only search by asset and attachment name. To configure the integration, you will need to reach out to 

Setting up the integration

  1. Navigate the folder structure of Sitecore by going to Systems > Modules > Brandfolder Account.
  2. Input your Brandfolder API key
  3. By default, Brandfolder's Smart CDN URLs are used when publishing assets to web pages. If you want to utilize Sitecore internal URLs instead, you can disable this setting by unchecking Use CDN for Images and Use CDN for documents and selecting Save

Adding Brandfolder assets to Sitecore

1. Right-select Media Library, hover over Insert and choose Brandfolder Media. 

2. Name the new item, and select OK. 

3. Then, set up your filters. The filters are used to help narrow down the assets that are pulled into Sitecore from your Brandfolder. You can sync your entire Brandfolder or a filtered set of assets. Filters include:

  • Brandfolder 
  • Sections
  • Labels
  • Collections
  • Tags

4. Select, Sync towards the top of the screen. Brandfolder content will now appear in Sitecore.

5. On the left-hand side, you will find the log file of the filtered assets. 


If assets are not approved or are expired, they will not be downloaded into Sitecore. A report can be generated in Sitecore that informs you if an asset was deleted or expired in Brandfolder and it was published on your website. Select Report to view this information. 

The metadata from Brandfolder assets will be pulled into Sitecore. You can find the metadata fields within the Metadata area. 

Creating mapping containers for custom fields

1. Navigate to System > Modules > Brandfolder Account > Mappings Container.

2. Right-select Mappings Container, hover over Insert and choose Mapping Field

3. Name the new item and select OK

4. Fill out the Data area and select Save.

  • Sitecore field = Sitecore item name. 
  • Brandfolder field = the key name for the custom field.

5. Complete the steps from Adding Brandfolder Assets to the Sitecore section. Select the dropdown in the top right-hand corner to see the key and value pairs. Then the custom field information will appear in the content's image section. 

Syncing Brandfolder assets in Sitecore

Once you have added Brandfolder assets to Sitecore, you will need to sync the items periodically so that any changes to your assets in Brandfolder are reflected in Sitecore. There are two ways you can do this. 

Manual sync

1. Select Sync within the folder you created in the Media Library. 

Schedule syncs

1. Navigate to System > Tasks > Schedules

2. Right-select Schedules, hover over Insert and choose Schedule

2. Type in the name of your schedule and select OK

3. Fill out the necessary data:

  • Command: Select Brandfolder > BrandfolderSync.
  • Items: this is from the item path associated with the folder you created in the media library.
  • Schedule: create using the Sitecore format. 

Adding Brandfolder assets to your Sitecore Content:

Brandfolder assets can be added to Sitecore through the editor and experience editor. Brandfolder assets can be uploaded through Sitecore's two field types, images, and rich text. 

1. To select a Brandfolder asset, in the image area, select, Browse, and navigate to the log file of assets you uploaded.  

2. You can also use the text area to upload an asset. Select Show editor and either use the HTML editor or the buttons across the top of the rich text editor modal. Once you select the assets, choose Accept.

3. In the top left-hand corner, select Save, then Publish


Expired and unapproved assets will appear with the message file not found. 

Sitecore only accepts scaled images if it is how the attachments are saved in Brandfolder.


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