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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Admins in Shopify can utilize the Shopify integration.

Shopify Integration

Add Brandfolder assets to your products and product variants in Shopify.


  • Brandfolder


Admins in Shopify can utilize the Shopify integration.

You can access Brandfolder assets within the Shopify store using the Brandfolder App. The app lets you quickly add assets to specific products and product variants in Shopify. 

Setting up the integration

1. Sign in to the Shopify web store. 

2. Select the Shopify store you are integrating with Brandfolder.

3. Navigate to the Apps menu on the left-hand side of your dashboard. 

4. Once in Apps, select Customize your store at the top right-hand corner. 

5. Search for the Brandfolder integration within the app store. 

6. Select Install app.

7. When prompted, input your API key

Navigating the Integration 

  1. Your Brandfolder content will appear. The integration panel allows you to navigate your content just like you would within the Brandfolder by visiting the different levels of the Brandfolder hierarchy (Organizations, Brandfolders, and Collections).     

Brandfolder panel showing Organizations, Brandfolder, and Collections.

3. Once you are at the Brandfolder or Collection leve, you have a few options to narrow down your content.

  • You can search assets by inputting search syntaxes into the search bar. Various search syntaxes are outlined in the Searching in Brandfolder Knowledge Base article
  • You can select the pin icon in the search bar to utilize pinned searches. 
  • You can filter by asset status, tags, file types, custom fields, orientation, SKU, and upload date by selecting the filter button below the search bar.
  • You can search for labels by selecting the label button next to the Filter button.
  • You can filter by section or collection by selecting the arrow accordion to the left of All Sections or Collections.


Brandfolder panel navigation showing pinned search, search bar, filters, labels, sections, and collections.

4. You can view asset details by hovering over the asset, selecting the ellipses, and choosing view asset details. 

Utilizing Brandfolder assets

1. Once you locate the asset you want to use, hover over the asset and select Note: jpg, png, gif, and webP are the only file types supported. It is also recommended that files are no larger than 4700 x 4700 pixels. 

2. Confirm the file by choosing the Select Product(s) button. 

3. A new modal will appear that contains a Resource Picker. You can search your products and select the product you wish to update using the checkboxes. Once you select the products, choose Add. 

If the product has variants, the Resource Picker will also select the different variants automatically to update the entire product. 

6. A final modal will appear. Select Confirm.

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