Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Brandfolder Owners and Administrators can use the integration.

Salsify integration

Sync your Brandfolder assets to Salsify.


  • Brandfolder


Brandfolder Owners and Administrators can use the integration.

Brandfolder's Salsify integration streamlines the movement of product images and product data between your DAM (Brandfolder) and Salsify, your Product Information Management (PIM). The integration automatically syncs assets from Brandfolder to Salsify Products, so you don’t need to manually download and upload assets to your PIM. The integration also sends product data (fields) back from Salsify to Brandfolder.

Setting up the integration

To set up your integration, you will need to reach out to your primary Brandfolder contact with the following information:

From Salsify

  • Login credentials to your Salsify account.
  • A list of properties that you wish to sync from Salsify products to Brandfolder assets' custom fields (i.e., item numbers, categories, product names) 
  • The property where Brandfolder assets land. Do note: it is possible to have assets land in different Salsify properties based on a custom field value. 

From Brandfolder

  • The Brandfolder to sync.
  • You will use the custom field key as the identifier (product ID) to link a Brandfolder asset to a Salsify product. 
  • You must create a multi-value custom field named Locale to sync to localized properties. Values should be locale IDs enabled for your organization. Find approved locales in the Salsify Knowledge Base

Navigating the integration 

  1. Create a new product in Salsify or locate the one you want to sync with Brandfolder.
  2. After the product is created or located in Salsify, grab the Product ID
  3. Open the Brandfolder synced with Salsify and upload a new asset. 
  4. Once you upload the asset, navigate to the custom field key, Product ID, and add the Product ID number from Salsify as the custom field key. This will initiate the sync between Brandfolder and Salsify. 
  5. Navigate to the product in Salsify. You will now see the Brandfolder asset appear as the new image for the Product. 
  6. In Brandfolder, you will see specific custom fields that were pre-built populate on the asset. 

Notes on the sync

Brandfolder to Salsify

Brandfolder is the source of truth for attachments. If an attachment is renamed or replaced in Brandfolder, the change reflects in Salsify. 

Attachments deleted in Brandfolder will not be deleted in Salsify. 

Salsify to Brandfolder

Salsify is the source of truth for custom field data. Since all data comes from Salsify, if a user tries to update one of the synced fields from Brandfolder, it will automatically change back to the value in Salsify. Therefore, all updates to custom fields must be made in Salsify to reflect in Brandfolder.

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