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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Admins can access the SFTP ingest page in bulk management.

Bulk management SFTP Ingestion

Assets can be uploaded to Brandfolder in bulk through a secure file transfer protocol ingest (SFTP).


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Admins can access the SFTP ingest page in bulk management.

Ingestions facilitated through SFTP benefits ingestion scenarios where data does not already reside in the cloud and when either:

  1. Regularly occurring ingestion will need to occur (i.e. daily updates).
  2. Data volumes are greater than what a user would upload via the Brandfolder UI (i.e. 500 files). The process will be facilitated by a member of the CX team providing access.

The current process allows configuration at the Brandfolder level. An SFTP account is tied to a specific Brandfolder and section. If multiple destination Brandfolders and Sections are needed, there will be multiple SFTP accounts. During setup, the connection creator also has the ability to select which Collection the ingested assets are added to. 

SFTP setup: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Bulk Management > SFTP Ingest.
  2. Select SFTP Ingest and create a new connection. 
  3. Input a username and password of your choosing. Do note the username can't include any special characters. From here, you can select the section and collection for import should that be necessary. 
  4. Select Create SFTP Ingest when all of the proper information has been filled out.
  5. Upon successful completion of creating credentials, you can now use those credentials to create a new connection from an SFTP client of your choosing. Below is an example of a configuration through Cyber Duck. The server URL will be screnshot of an SFTP ingest, in the middle a box for server is highlighted


A common speed for SFTP data transfer is around 1-1.5 Mb/sec. SFTP is limited by the encryption speed and several layers of data copying and processing (during SSH tunneling).

The service supports only the SFTP protocol. Vanilla FTP is not allowed due to the insecure way in which the protocol transmits credentials, and will not be enabled by default. 

We will periodically cleanse files stored in this service, so customers should not expect the files to be retained long after they’ve been ingested into Brandfolder.



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