Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Brandfolder Owners and Administrators have access to this integration. 

Contentful integration

Use assets stored in Brandfolder within your Contentful entries.


  • Brandfolder


Brandfolder Owners and Administrators have access to this integration. 

Contentful is a modern content infrastructure for publishers that lets users create, manage, and distribute content to any platform. Unlike a traditional Content Management System (CMS), Contentful provides total freedom to create unique content models.

The Brandfolder Contentful integration allows you to use digital assets stored in Brandfolder within your Contentful entries.


  • Your Brandfolder API key is in your profile under integrations
  • A content type with a field of type JSON object to hold the references to Brandfolder assets. 

Configuring the integration

  1. In the Contentful marketplace, find the Brandfolder App, and select Install now.

  2. Under field assignment, select the content type fields you want this app to use. Only compatible fields of type JSON object are displayed.

  3. Select Install.


Navigating the integration

To reference an asset on Brandfolder from your entry:

  1. Choose Select an asset on Brandfolder. 
  2. Submit your Brandfolder API key. 
  3. Your Brandfolder content will appear. The integration panel allows you to navigate your content just like you would within the Brandfolder by visiting the different levels of the Brandfolder hierarchy (Organizations, Brandfolders, and Collections).     

A screenshot of the panel showing Organizations, Brandfolders, and Collections

  1. Once you are at the Brandfolder or Collection level, you can narrow down your content. 
  • You can search assets by inputting search syntaxes into the search bar. Various search syntaxes are outlined in the Searching in Brandfolder Knowledge Base article
  • You can select the pin icon in the search bar to utilize pinned searches. 
  • You can filter by asset status, tags, file types, custom fields, orientation, SKU, and upload date by selecting the filter button below the search bar.
  • You can search for labels by selecting the label button next to the Filter button.
  • You can filter by section or collection by selecting the arrow accordion to the left of All Sections or Collections.

    Brandfolder panel navigation showing pinned search, search bar, filters, labels, sections, and collections.
  1. You can view asset details by hovering over the asset, selecting the ellipses menu, and choosing View asset details

Utilizing Brandfolder assets

  1. Repeat for as many assets as you wish to include in your entry. 
  2. Previews of your assets will now appear in your entry. These can be reordered by dragging and dropping or removed by selecting the X in the upper right corner of the asset. 


If the entry editor displays the warning Field value is incompatible?
Then the JSON object field of this entry already contains data not generated by the Brandfolder app. Ensure you've selected the correct field in the app configuration to use Brandfolder and that you no longer need the previously entered data. Then choose, I want to override the value using the App., which will initialize the field with an empty selection. Now you can start to add assets to your entry.

To access the underlying field value, deselect the field in the Brandfolder app configuration. This will reset the editor to the default JSON display for object fields.

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