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  • Brandfolder


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Owners and Administrators can configure Brandguides for their Brandfolders


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Brandguide helps your brand maintain visual consistency through its logos, fonts, colors, and photography selections. This makes it essential for defining your organization's visual identity and general look and feel.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Administrators can configure Brandguides for their Brandfolders


Creating a Brandguide

Brandguides can be created in three ways.

  1. At the organization level, from the Create New block.                              Hovering over a create new block with an arrow selecting Brandguide from the menu.
  2. At the Brandfolder level by selecting + New Brandguide.A menu of options from left to right + New Collection + New Workspace + New Brandguide. + New Brandguide is highlighted.
  3. At the Collection level by selecting + New Brandguide

Organization level creation

  1. Once you select, Create New, a modal with options will appear.
  2. Choose the Brandfolder or Collection you want your Brandguide to associate with. The Brandfolder or Collection that you choose determines the colors and images you can use in your Brandguide. Do note: the associated Brandfolder or Collection cannot be altered after creation.
  3. Name your Brandguide.
  4. Create a unique value for your Brandguide slug. 
  5. Determine your privacy settings. A Brandguide can be set to public or private.
    • Public mode allows for the public-facing URL to be accessed by anyone.
    • Private mode allows users with specific permissions to access and edit the guide, but the URL will remain inaccessible to others. 
  6. Select Create Brandguide.

Brandfolder and collection level creation

Use the steps outlined in the Organization Level Creation section, with the exception of choosing the Brandfolder or Collection to associate the Brandguide. Instead, the Brandguide will be associated with whatever Brandfolder or Collection you select + Create New Brandguide from. 

Once a Brandguide is created, you will be able to access it from the organization level, or through the Brandguide drop-down at the Brandfolder and Collection level. Brandguides will appear in the dropdown of the Brandfolder or Collection that the Brandguide was created from. 

Edit and preview mode

Once a Brandguide is created you can view it in edit and preview modes. In the top right hand corner, you will find a Preview button. In Preview mode in the top left-hand corner, you will find an Edit [Brandguide Name] button.A video showing someone select edit Brandguide in the top left corner then selecting Edit on the new screen.

  • Edit mode allows you to add blocks of content and customize Brandguide settings.
  • Preview mode demonstrates how the Brandguide will appear for those viewing the Brandguide publicly.

Saving Brandguides

Brandguide will automatically save changes for you. This is denoted by the Saved! popup will appear at the bottom of your screen after you make changes. This means that all changes to the Brandguide will appear in the public version. At this time, drafts are not supported however, you can put your Brandguide in private mode if you do not want to publish your changes. 


  • Canvas: the main editable area where users can drag and drop content onto the page. 
  • Sidebar: the navigation bar on the side of Brandguide that contains blocks, pages, and settings.
  • Flyout: the menu that houses blocks and appears from the sidebar navigation. 
  • Block: combine to create sections. They can be added via the sidebar or canvas areas. 
  • Section: combine to create pages. Blocks live within sections.
  • Pages: When pages are combined, they make a Brandguide. 
  • Header image: the image that appears at the top of the Brandguide. 

Sidebar is on the far left side, flyout is next to sidebar. Header is at the top middle. Below are pages, sections then blocks.

Brandguide permissions

Public ViewPrivate ViewCan EditCan CreateCan Delete


On the sidebar, select the gear icon to access global Brandguide settings.

Background color

Select a background color by inputting a hex code or using the color selector. 

Default typeface and color

Selecting a default typeface and color will change all text on the Brandguide unless you make a block-level specification.

Adding a favicon and header CDN URL

You can add a favicon or header to your Brandguide by copying and pasting a CDN link from an asset in Brandfolder. Favicon file size must be 16x16px, and the recommended header size is 2880x720px.

There are two ways to acquire the CDN link. 

The first option is via your Brandfolder. 

  1. Navigate to your Brandfolder, locate the asset, and open its asset modal. 
  2. Select the embed tab (if you do not see this option, reach out to to have it added to your account)
  3. Copy the Attachment CDN link.
  4. Paste the URL into the favicon CDN URL or header CDN URL text input. 

The second option is via the image flyout in Brandguide 

  1. Open the image flyout
  2. Locate the asset and select the ellipsis menu and choose View asset details.
  3. Locate the CDN embed link options section, and select Copy Link.
  4. Paste the URL into the favicon CDN URL or header CDN URL text input. 


Please visit the Brandguide Customization using CSS article for details.

User Management 

Click the link in this section to be redirected to the Brandfolder User Management interface. Users must be provisioned access to the Brandguide directly. Users are not automatically added even if they have access to the Brandfolder or Collection the Brandguide is associated with. 

Brandguide Management

Admins can modify or delete your Brandguide on the organization page. Hover over the Brandguide card and select the ellipses menu. This will bring up three options: Edit, Settings, and Delete Brandguide. 

If you select Delete Brandguide, your Brandguide will be deleted, and there is no way to undo this action. Selecting Settings will allow you to modify the name of the Brandguide, URL, Privacy settings, and Card Image. 

Brandguides created with the legacy editor are no longer available.

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