Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Administrators can configure the section structure of a Brandfolder

Asana integration

Seamlessly push finalized Asana assets, along with critical details, into Brandfolder.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Administrators can configure the section structure of a Brandfolder

Brandfolder's Asana integration enables teams using Asana for creative reviews to push finalized assets and critical details into Brandfolder seamlessly. Brandfolder can integrate with Asana to automatically sync attachments from Asana tasks into a Brandfolder section. 

To configure this integration, please contact your dedicated Brandfolder contact. 

Navigating the integration


To create a new asset in Brandfolder through Asana:

1. Select the Add Task button to Create a new task within your team's project. 

2. Add an asset as an attachment to the task within the task panel by selecting the paper clip icon

3. Adding an attachment will trigger a sync of the latest attachment into a preconfigured Brandfolder section. 

4. Go to your Brandfolder Section that houses the Asana sync and locate the new asset. The new asset will have the same name as the task in Asana. The attachment name, custom fields, and tags can all be configured to be pulled into Brandfolder. 


If a task is updated in Asana, the following will happen:

  • Any new attachments within a task will be synced as new attachments to the same asset in Brandfolder.
  • Any subtasks with attachments will show up as a separate asset in Brandfolder. 
  • Custom fields will reflect the update.
  • The Section field will also be updated.


File attachments that are deleted in Asana will not cause assets to be deleted in Brandfolder. 

Updates in Asana are batched, meaning there can be a delay in changes being reflected in Brandfolder.

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