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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Admins can add and set up a Workspace in their Brandfolder.

Workspace + Smartsheet integration

Brandfolder’s Workspace provides users with a way to quickly build Smartsheet grids for creative projects that can be rolled up into program and portfolio level reports.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Admins can add and set up a Workspace in their Brandfolder.

Brandfolder Workspace also closely integrates with Smartsheet. Smartsheet’s robust automation can also be used to drive additional notifications, approval flows, and more all from task details. Users can make updates and new tasks in Smartsheet and tasks will be updated in Brandfolder.

Setting up the integration

1. Workspace team members can easily authenticate and connect to Smartsheet from Brandfolder by clicking Open in Smartsheet which is next to the settings tab. 

The top of a workspace which includes 6 team member bubbles on the left a setting button in the middle and a Share in Smartsheet button which is selected.

2. Once authenticated, you will be taken to the sheet that Brandfolder has created. This sheet will be associated with the Workspace and other team members will be given access to it if they connect their Smartsheet accounts. 

Updating tasks in Smartsheet

After the initial setup, users can update a task in Smartsheet by doing the following:

1. Edit the value of a cell and save changes in Smartsheet.

2. Navigate to your Brandfolder Workspace to see the changes reflected. 

Changes will be made as long as they are in an acceptable format for the Workspace task. Rejected changes will simply revert that field’s value in Smartsheet back to the value from the Brandfolder Workspace task after a few seconds. If required fields (e.g. section) are not filled out or fields are filled out incorrectly, you must fill out that value or revise the input to an accepted value. Once corrected, these rows will then sync to Brandfolder.

An example of an incompatible change would be entering a text value into the date column in Smartsheet, rather than choosing a date via the date picker.

Creating new tasks in Smartsheet

1. Fill out a new row in Smartsheet, including sections which is a required field. If not filled out or filled out incorrectly, you must fill out that value or revise the input to an accepted value.

2. Once filled out correctly, these rows will then sync to Brandfolder. 

You may experience some delay between creating a new row and seeing that task populate in Brandfolder. A good indicator that the task was created successfully is when the asset link value populates in the Smartsheet row. 

Updating columns 

The following columns are included in a sheet that is generated from a Workspace:

  • Name: Asset/task name
  • Section: required field pre-populated with section names in a drop-down to choose the section for a task to live
  • Status: field pre-populated with drop-down selections of in progress, not started, or completed
  • Priority: field pre-populated with drop-down selections of high, medium, or low priority
  • Assignee: field pre-populated with drop-down selections of valid users in the connected Brandfolder. Do note: users can be added that do not have a Brandfolder account, but they will not be added as an assignee in Brandfolder
  • Due Date: field with column type as date selection
  • File type: open text field
  • Dimensions: open text field
  • Description: open text field
  • Asset Link: A read-only column that links to the asset, automatically populated for the user after task creation.

Deleting data

  • Tasks (entire row) deleted in Smartsheet will not delete or remove tasks in Brandfolder.
  • Tasks deleted or removed from a Workspace in Brandfolder will not delete the corresponding row (task) in Smartsheet.
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