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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Administrators can utilize the Highspot integration.


Highspot integration

Highspot automatically syncs assets from a Brandfolder section or collection to a Highspot Spot.


  • Brandfolder


Administrators can utilize the Highspot integration.


Brandfolder's Highspot integration allows for Brandfolder assets to be accessed in the highest customer-rated end-to-end sales enablement platform. The integration automatically syncs assets from a Brandfolder section or collection to a Highspot Spot to streamline the process of using digital assets in the DAM for sales enablement in Highspot. Brandfolder’s Highspot integration works seamlessly with existing tools and creates high adoption among sales reps.

Configuring the integration

To start the configuration process, you will want to contact your designated Brandfolder representative.

When reaching out, you will want to include the following information:

From Highspot

You must work with your Highspot representative to get the credentials outlined below.

  • Key
  • Secret
  • Spot_ID
  • The Spot (similar to folder) in Highspot, where assets will be placed
  • Integration_Id
  • api_host - the default is, but can vary per integration so HighSpot will need to tell you if it will be different. For example, some integrations use
  • Login credentials for email developers+<client name> - Needs to have correct permissions granted for the Spot you will be pushing to.
  • Email - Actions performed by our system can be done on behalf of a different user if this email is specified.

From Brandfolder

  • Brandfolder Section 
  • Brandfolder Collection

Navigating the integration 

  1. In the Brandfolder that you have designated for the sync, navigate to a section and select Add assets
  2. Upload an asset. 
  3. Navigate to your Highspot spot synced with Brandfolder and refresh the page. The asset will appear. 


Versioning is supported in this integration. To start the process of versioning:

  1. Open the asset modal in Brandfolder. 
  2. Navigate to the Workflow tab > Version History. 
  3. Upload a new version of the attachment. 
  4. Navigate to your Highspot account, and find the new version that replaces the old one. 

Assets with multiple attachments

If an asset is uploaded into Brandfolder with multiple attachments, the attachments will appear in Highspot as separate assets.

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