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Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

You must be a Primary Lead in Control Center to configure multi-tier.

Configure Smartsheet Control Center for Multi-Tier


  • Smartsheet Advance Package


You must be a Primary Lead in Control Center to configure multi-tier.

Create Blueprint Source Folders for each tier

Learn more about Blueprint Source Folders.

  1. Select or create a workspace for your Portfolio. 
  2. In the workspace, create a folder for the Portfolio. Create the following sheets in the Portfolio folder:
    • Blueprint summary sheet (child)Profile data sheet (optional, best practice.)
    • Learn more about profile data sheets. 
  3. In the same workspace, create a folder for the Project.
    Don't create the project folder inside the portfolio folder. The two folders should not be nested in each other. 

Create the blueprints

  1. Log in to Control Center to create a new parent blueprint.

  2. On the Blueprint Basics screen, select Standalone/Top tier. If there are more than two blueprints, select the blueprint that works best as a parent. 

  3. For Project Storage, select New workspace for each project

  4. Complete the blueprint builder and then select Save

Create or open edit the child blueprint.

If you have already created the child blueprint, you can associate it with a parent blueprint to create a multi-tier portfolio. 

  1. On the Blueprint Basics screen, select Linked to a parent project. For Project Storage, select Parent Project Workspace. 
  2. On the Intake Settings screen, under Parent Project Selection column, select the column to retrieve the parent project automatically. You must select this column if you plan to create Child Projects automatically via Control Center Automation. For manually created projects, you can select the parent when you create the project. 

  1. On the Blueprint Summary screen, select the Parent Summary Sheet. This sheet contains summary information from child projects.  Use Select a Program Summary Sheet to ensure the Blueprint provides outbound links for all projects to the specified sheet regardless of setup and when you have multiple Summary Sheets.

  2. Complete the Blueprint builder and save your changes. 


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