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Who can use this capability

Anyone with a valid Smartsheet account and credentials can download and use the desktop app.

Use the Smartsheet desktop app

The Smartsheet desktop application has the same capabilities as the web application, you just need to download the desktop app for your operating system.


  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Anyone with a valid Smartsheet account and credentials can download and use the desktop app.

Access Smartsheet from your taskbar and consolidate all open Smartsheet items into a single application with easy-to-navigate tabs. Get notifications even after you minimize Smartsheet.

While EU region customers can download and use the Smartsheet desktop app, the app experience isn’t currently optimized for EU customers. 

Download the Smartsheet desktop app

For Windows:

  1. Download the Windows app. 
  2. Enable browser extensions. On the last screen of the installer, select CLICK HERE to manage your extension

    Screenshot setup screen

    Missed it? At the top left of the app, select Help > Manage extensions.

For Mac: 

  1. Download the Mac app.  
  2. At the top left of the app, select Help > Manage extensions

Enable browser extensions to get the most out of your desktop app experience. 

System requirements

  • Windows 10 version 21h1 or above
  • Mac x64 or M1 version 12 or above
  • 500 MB disk space
  • 300 MB RAM

Recommended requirements

  • 1.6 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB RAM

Tips to use the desktop app

  • Each Smartsheet item opens in its own tab. You can open up to 100 tabs at a time.
  • Organize your tabs as you want. Select, drag, and drop a tab in a new location or window, just like browser tabs. Or right-click the tab and move it via the menu, either to a new location, new window, or as a tab in a window that is already open. 
  • Windows users can use the hamburger menu at the top of the app to hide/unhide the native menu.
  • Select the overflow button next to the right-most tab to view any hidden tabs. 
  • Use the arrow buttons on the top left (over the Home icon) to scroll between items.
  • The red notification badge alerts about unread notifications or pending requests even when you’re not actively working on the desktop app. This image shows the smartsheet panel with notifications.
  • The ability to download and use the Smartsheet desktop app is dependent on your company’s IT policies. 
  • Mac users receive a prompt after their first successful login, asking them to turn on their notifications for the desktop app in their system settings. 
  • The desktop app has an auto-update feature, which notifies you when a new version is available for update and when an update is occurring. Your IT Admin can turn off this capability if required.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the desktop app cost?

The app is free. 



Has the Smartsheet desktop app undergone an independent security review?

The Smartsheet desktop app has passed a Cyber Security Review (CSR) conducted by an independent third party. An attestation from the third-party vendor is available upon request. To request a copy of the CSR certificate see the IT Administrator installation Guide.

Which authentication models does the desktop app support?

The desktop app uses the same authentication methods as the web application. 

How do I ensure I have the latest version of the desktop app?

The Smartsheet desktop app has an auto-update feature that will automatically detect new versions, download the latest version, and prompt you to restart the application.

If you find yourself unable to update the app manually or that it isn’t updating automatically, reach out to your IT Admin as they may be managing the updates for the app.

How do I provide feedback on the desktop app?

Go to the help menu and select Submit feedback.

I received a 403 error message and can’t see content in my Workapp or Dashboard. How can I gain access to this content?

If you are experiencing any error preventing you from viewing content in a Workapp or Dashboard, right-click on the opened tab and select Open in Browser to view the content in your default web browser, or open your default browser and navigate to the Smartsheet page you want to access.


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