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Share an item from a Workspace


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When a sheet, report, or dashboard exists in a workspace, it will be available to anyone who has sharing permissions for the workspace. Even when it's in a workspace, the item can be shared at the item level so that people who don't have access to the workspace can still have access to the item.

You must have Owner, Admin, or Editor - can share permissions to the item in order to share it. Similarly, to share a workspace, you'll need Owner, Admin, or Editor - can share permission to the workspace.

NOTE: Only Owners and Admins can share dashboards.

Here's how you can give someone access to an item that's located in a workspace:

  1. Browse to the Workspace where the item you want to share is located.
  2. In the top right corner of the item, click Share.
  3. Click in the Invite Collaborators box and type or select contacts.
    At the bottom of the form, you'll see This sheet, report, or dashboard is in a workspace. If you have permissions to access the workspace, you'll also see the name of the workspace.
  4. To share the item only, click Share. To share the workspace, click Share Workspace.

When items and workspaces are shared, you'll see the Shared to Sheet, Report, or dashboard via workspace icon and/or the Shared to Sheet, Report, or dashboard only icon next to the permission levels in the Collaborators section of the sharing form. These icons show how the item has been shared with the various collaborators.

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