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Who can use this capability

You must be an Editor - can share or higher on the Smartsheet asset you want to share. 

Integrate Smartsheet with Webex by Cisco

Integrate your working environment and your conversation environment with Smartsheet for Webex.


  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


You must be an Editor - can share or higher on the Smartsheet asset you want to share. 

With this integration, you can: 

  • Add Smartsheet assets into a Webex space and take action on key projects and tasks from within the Webex app.
  • Share Smartsheet assets while you’re in a Webex meeting space; take action on those assets without leaving the meeting space. 

Smartsheet for Webex is compatible with both the browser and desktop versions of the Webex application.

Set up Smartsheet for Webex

Sign up for a free Webex account here. Find the Smartsheet for Webex Integration here

A Webex Admin must approve the integration; once that’s done, anyone can install it. Consult with your IT department if you have access issues. Learn more about the integration’s capabilities including how to use the Webex Smartsheet bot here

Share an asset during a Webex meeting

  1. Sign in to Webex and Smartsheet. You may need to go through your organization’s sign-on process. 
  2. Select the Apps+ button at the bottom of the Webex window, and then find Smartsheet.
  3. Choose the asset you want to share during the meeting. 
  4. Select a permission level for the object and then select Confirm
  5. Select Open together.

The permission setting applies to all meeting attendees. If you want to grant different permissions, update the permission levels in Smartsheet after the meeting is over. Learn more about sharing

Embed a Smartsheet item in a Webex Space

You can work in Smartsheet and collaborate with your team without leaving your Webex Space.

  1. In Webex, go to the space where you want to share your Smartsheet asset. On the top tab, select + Apps
  2. Select Smartsheet. You may be prompted to log in to Smartsheet and/or Webex if you’re not already logged in. Follow the instructions on your screen and grant Smartsheet access to Webex.
  3. After you complete authentication, your Smartsheet items appear. Browse to or search for the item you want to work with.
  4. Grant permissions to the item you’re sharing. Everyone in the Space will get the same permissions; you can change that later in Smartsheet. 

If you want to maintain access to the item—for example, a project schedule you frequently review with your team—at the bottom of the Smartsheet popup, select Add to tab. Smartsheet appears as a tab at the top of the Spaces pane. Select the Smartsheet tab to interact with the item.

Tips for using Webex and Smartsheet 

  • Meeting participants must be logged into both Webex and Smartsheet to use the integration. 
  • Hit refresh if you’re not seeing changes made during the meeting. 
  • To start a new meeting after you close an existing meeting, select Reset in the top right corner of the Webex app. 
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