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Bridge by Smartsheet

Brandfolder integration overview

Bridge connects Smartsheet with Brandfolder to help you automate tasks.


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

Here are some examples of tasks you can automate:

  • Create Collections or Workspaces based on a status change in a sheet 
  • Get data about Brandfolders, Collections, or Workspaces to reflect that information on a sheet
  • Create direct links to Brandfolders, Collections, or Workspaces, and use them to create hyperlinks in a sheet
  • Get data about tags used in Brandfolders, Collections, Workspaces, or on specific assets, and use that data to populate your Dropdown column options in Smartsheet
  • Trigger an Update Request in Smartsheet when an asset is updated in Brandfolder

Set up the Brandfolder integration

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in Bridge.
  2. Select the Brandfolder image. 
  3. In the dialog that appears, select Continue
  4. Authorize the integration by using your API key. 
  5. Select Connect, then Save
  6. Authenticate the integration by going to the Smartsheet integration. 

Create a new workflow

  1. On the left pane, select Workflows
  2. Select the + button. 
  3. Set up a trigger from an integration or set a schedule for the workflow. 
  4. In your desired workflow, add Brandfolder or Smartsheet modules. 
  5. Arrange them in the order they need to happen. 

Use a State module between each integration module. Then label them according to what happens next in the workflow.

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