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Be a Licensed User

You must be a licensed sheet Owner or Admin to add the latest comment column.

Add a latest comment column

Column management: adding a Latest comment column


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Be a Licensed User

You must be a licensed sheet Owner or Admin to add the latest comment column.

You can add a column to your sheet and display the latest comment in that column. You can see the latest feedback from your team without opening the conversations panel. 

Add the latest comment column to your sheet

  1. On the toolbar, select Insert column. Or, right-click on any column header and then select Insert Column Right or Insert Column Left
  2. In the popup, select Latest comment

It can take a few minutes for your comments to appear. Try refreshing the sheet if load times seem slow. 

Delete latest comment column from your sheet

To delete the latest comment column, right-click the column and select Remove column.

If you want to add the latest comment column back to the sheet, you must first delete the connection that populates the column with comments.

To delete the connection: 

  1. Save and refresh the page. 

- or - 

  1. On the top right corner of your screen, select the Conversations icon.
  2. At the top of the Conversations pane, select the More More iconicon.
  3. Select Manage Latest Comment column > Disconnect.

Add a date column for the latest comment 

While you can't display the date in the latest comment column, you can add a separate date column and create a workflow to insert the latest comment date in that column.

  1. Insert a new column to the right or left of your comment column. Select Date for the column type.
  2. At the top left of the sheet, select Automation > Create workflow from scratch.
  3. Set the workflow to trigger when a comment is added or changed. Set the action to record a date in the newly created date column.

Learn more about workflows.

Launch conversations from the latest comment column


You can open the conversations pane from the latest comment column. 

  1. Select the cell containing the latest comment. Or, select a cell in a contact column.
  2. Select the conversation launcher icon. The conversations pane opens on the right of your screen. 
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